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V-Max Mobile Wheelchair, Manual Handling Solutions

Make your manual wheelchair mobile with the pushing and braking aid V-Max. Slopes, divided ramps and gradients are not an insurmountable problem for you and your attendant any more. This pushing and braking aid supports you in all situations. To ascend slopes the powerful motor pushes the wheelchair up and downhill. It assists your attendant to control and brake the wheelchair. The driving speed can be adjusted continuously up to 6 km / hour.

V-Max V-Max


General features and advantages of the V-Max:

  • Range up to 25km
  • Climbing capacity over 20%
  • Persons weighing up to 160kg can be transported
  • Speed is continuously adjustable at any time; up to 6km/h forwards and up to 3km/h backwards
  • Low weight
  • Easy assembly
  • Can be mounted to virtually all wheelchairs with a seat width of 36cm and more
  • Pushing and braking aid that automatically brakes on slopes
  • Driving on ramps over stairs and on uneven ground as you do with a manual wheelchair
  • V-Max is mounted on the upper part of the back which leaves the attendant ample room in the leg area
  • Easy to take apart - fits into almost any boot of a car
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Technical data - v-max P160
maximum total weight permitted: 200kg (person, wheelchair, v-max)
attachment possible at a speed: seat width of 36cm continually adjustable
forward / backward: 6km/h / 3km/h
range with one battery charge: up to 25km
maximum possible incline: up to 20%
height / width / depth: 24 / 47.5 / 18.5cm
batteries: 2 x 12V / 12Ah
direct current motor: 12V
weight of the battery pack: 8.6kg
weight of driving unit: 8.5kg (without battery pack)
Standard accessories: please see product download (above)
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