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AAT - C-max U2 Basic, Stairclimber Wheelchair, Powered Stairclimber, Manual Handling Solutions

Manual Handling Solutions - C-max U2 Basic, the stairclimber wheelchair, has been designed to safely and effectively transfer people up and down stairs.

On level ground and on stairs, the C-max U2 Basic proves its versatility. Due to its compact dimensions, it is easy to manoeuver even on very narrow or winding staircases and is safe on all types of floor coverings including wood, stone, metal and carpet.

C-Max U2 Basic C-Max U2 Basic C-Max U2 Basic

The operator uses little physical effort to handle the C-max U2 Basic; together with adjustable hand grips this ensures an ergonomic operating position.

With the unique braking system engaging automatically on the edge of each step, variable speed control and the single step mode operation, the C-max U2 Basic creates a safe and controlled ascent or descent.

With one full charge of the maintenance free battery the C-max U2 Basic climbs up to 500 steps, depending on the passenger’s weight.

Extensively in use in the Ambulance Service.

Technical data - Type C121/U2
Special features: Foldable
Max lift capacity: 160kg
Climbing Speed: 8-23 steps/min
Capacity with one charge of battery: 300-500 steps depending on weight
Max step height: 210mm
Height: 1420mm
Depth: 850mm fully open, 730mm folded
Width: 685mm, 450mm without armrest
Total weight: 35kg
Battery: 2 x 12V/5Ah Sealed Lead Acid
Battery weight: 4.4kg
Direct Current Motor: 24V
Accessories include: Lap Belt

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